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The inception of the Aesthetic Collective is rooted in the personal experiences and aspirations of our founder, Darya Hansen DNP, ARNP.

Darya’s career in aesthetics began in a plastic surgery office in West Des Moines, Iowa, and later evolved to a medical spa environment. These early steps in her career provided insight into not only the challenges and limitations faced by professionals in the field, but perhaps more importantly, a myriad of rewards of developing a uniquely ingenious way of doing business.

Providers plateauing in commission-based earnings, desiring more freedom and flexibility in scheduling, seeking a sense of career ownership, and greater financial independence are a few areas of opportunity that lead to the concept of the Aesthetic Collective.

On a mission to empower others, Darya’s vision and passion was to create a model that enables aesthetic professionals greater independence while minimizing risks. The Aesthetic Collective is a powerhouse of tools and resources for providers. From collective buying power, access to state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive training, and a fair reverse commission model, the platform delivers instant rewards and opportunities for providers who want to work smarter.

The Aesthetic Collective platform offers essential support, access to resources, and a collaborative community for aesthetics providers to thrive and succeed.

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