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Dysport® is an injectable treatment that reduces moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows without altering your appearance or movements. The product uses a botulinum toxin type A formula, similar to Botox®. It works by inhibiting nerve signals to the muscles, thereby reducing muscle activity and preventing the contraction that causes frown lines. The areas typically treated include the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the area around the eyes for crow’s feet.

Dysport® in West Des Moines, IA, is ideal for individuals looking for a non-surgical option to smooth out wrinkles resulting from expressions and muscle movement. This treatment is particularly effective for those with distinct furrows or frown lines they wish to soften. Most patients begin to see improvements within a couple of days after their treatment, with results lasting up to four months. Regular treatments are essential for continuous improvement and maintenance of a youthful appearance. Book an appointment today at Aesthetic Collective in West Des Moines, IA, for a smoother, more refreshed look.

Benefits of Dysport®


Adults under 65 who want to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines are ideal candidates for Dysport<sup>&reg;</sup>. It is particularly suited for those who prefer a non-invasive treatment with no downtime.

Results typically become noticeable within 2 to 3 days after treatment, with full effects apparent within two weeks.

The effects of  Dysport<sup>&reg;</sup> can last up to four months, although this may vary depending on the individual’s muscle activity and treatment area.

Dysport<sup>&reg;</sup> requires no downtime, allowing patients to return to daily activities immediately after the treatment. A mild amount of pain, swelling, or bruises may occur at the injection site, but it usually resolves within a few days.

Before receiving Dysport<sup>&reg;</sup>, avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications for at least a week to reduce the risk of bruising. For 48 hours after the treatment, do not touch or massage the treated areas to prevent the spreading of the product.

It involves injecting small amounts of solution into the muscles responsible for frown lines. The entire process is quick, typically taking less than 20 minutes, and discomfort is minimal due to the fine needles used.

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